Feature: Sydney Sparks

0106161214bA senior at Hillsdale College, Sydney Sparks is earning her degree in Classics with an emphasis in Latin and also a minor in French. Sydney and I have taken many Latin and Greek classes together (this semester we’re both in Roman Civilization), and she is currently the president of the Classics honorary on campus, Eta Sigma Phi. She’s an accomplished classicist, a conscientious worker, and a kind friend!

Why I came to Hillsdale: My parents liked to joke that I could go anywhere for college, but if it wasn’t Hillsdale, I would have to pay for it (the joke was that they were completely serious). However, coming to Hillsdale has taught me so much about education, integrity, and the Western tradition that I wish I had chosen it for myself!

Campus involvement: I am a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, in which I have held the positions of archivist and recruitment processes chair. I have also served as the president and treasurer of the Classics honorary Eta Sigma Phi, and I am a member of the French honorary Pi Delta Phi. I teach Latin twice a week at Hillsdale Preparatory School, work in the admissions office, and love to visit the cats at the Humane Society whenever I can!

Career aspirations: I am currently planning on becoming a high school Latin teacher so that I can share the Classics with the next generation. However, my love of literature and language has also driven me to consider a career in editing.

Post-graduation plans: Ah, the eternal question of the college senior! If you ask me in a few months, I will hopefully be able to say that I have accepted a job teaching Latin at a classical school, and I’ll spend the summer preparing for another first day of school in the fall!

Hobbies: I love reading, watching too-many TV shows, cuddling with cats, and in-depth conversations about literature and movies.

A favorite work of literature: Oh goodness, I could go on all day. Nothing will ever surpass the beauty of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but the Harry Potter series of J. K. Rowling has such a special place in my heart that I couldn’t bare not to name it. Both series display a wonderful range of truth and fantasy which, in my opinion, will make them truly timeless.


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