Narrow Escape

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. (John 8:36)

The prisoners of Unit 9 face a life-changing choice when a stranger appears among them, claiming that he can guide them to freedom. The characters’ motivations gradually reveal themselves as each person must decide whether to trust the guide and follow him across the minefield that surrounds the prison.

Although humorous at times, Narrow Escape seriously considers human and divine nature through memorable images and characters. Speaking both to non-Christians and to believers, this allegorical drama powerfully represents the chains from which Christ longs to free us.

With a flexible cast of 19 characters, the play runs 40-45 minutes.


Product Details

Paperback, 17 pages. Dimensions: 8.5 x 11. ISBN-13: 978-0996734738. Purchase includes one package of 20 scripts (19 cast members + director) and license for ONE performance.


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PLEASE NOTE: A $30 royalty fee is required for each additional performance of this play. So if you plan for your group to give two presentations of the play, select the following payment button instead of the one above:

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(If intending to give more than three performances of the play, simply leave us a message or email us to arrange an adjusted price. Thank you for respecting copyright law and the royalties due to the playwright.)

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Character List

Script Sample

2 thoughts on “Narrow Escape

  1. Mrs. Winferd Blankenbeker says:

    My husband and I got to see this play for real a couple Sunday’s ago and I thought it one of the best I had ever seen. It tells the story of being chained in sin and miserable but one (Jesus) crossing the minefields of danger to rescue all who would follow him out of the prison. Excellent example of the many reasons folks won’t follow Jesus into a new life today. Great job, Rachelle!!

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